Jordan 2022

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The Mission

The goal of the Mission Jordan project is the creation of a NAMS Base community in Jordan and from that base to see new disciples of Jesus Christ growing in the life of Christ and reproducing in others throughout the nation of Jordan, and to see the base serve as a gateway into other regions, specifically the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. 


The project consists of our NAMS Companion spending 4 months in Jordan, working to establish a NAMS base community for the identifying and formation of disciple-making-disciples in 2022. They will be joined by the Horn of Africa Regional Team Leader (RTL) for a portion of this mission. The middle east and the Horn of Africa continue to be areas where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is desperately needed to change lives.

As NAMS desires to see the gospel of Jesus Christ reach all ends of the earth doors are opening up to us in the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. Our Companions  experience and connection to the region along with the support of the regional Team leader for the Horn of Africa provide an unique opportunity to explore the creation of a NAMS base community in Jordan. This location will act as a gateway to the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. 


With only 4% of the Jordanian population being Christian the need to bring the Gospel to the other 96% is great. This work will build on the opportunities and personal contacts that our Companion established during his exploratory trip to Jordan in 2021. That trip opened up some timely opportunities that we want to see grow and flourish.